Francisco “T.J.” Tejeda

headshot-tjFrancisco “T.J.” Tejeda is a founding principal of the Talisman Group, an international consulting company based in Las Vegas that has carried out or is presently engaged in marketing and operations projects for leading gaming companies in the United States and abroad. He is also co-creator of EZ Baccarat, the most successful brand in baccarat with over 700 tables in more than 150 casinos worldwide and is at present engag
ed in migrating the EZ Baccarat brand franchise on to the Internet.

In a gaming career straddling five decades, Mr. Tejeda has been a proactive participant in the evolution of table games. Starting out as a Harrah’s dealer in Reno and Lake Tahoe, Mr. Tejeda worked his way up to become a marketing executive in international gaming—first as director of marketing for Latin America at Caesars World International based in Atlantic City; and then as vice president of international marketing with the Trump Organization charged with establishing the Trump gaming brand worldwide. From there, Mr. Tejeda moved to the MGM Grand, where he ran one of the most successful baccarat rooms on the Las Vegas Strip.

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