Welcome to Talisman Group

Talisman Group LLC, created in 1997, by Robin Powell and Francisco “TJ” Tejeda, is a Las Vegas-based consulting firm that specializes in providing expertise in the gaming industry. Among the many skills available are, project development, pre-opening strategies, marketing, operations and asset management.

The company provides clients with an array of options on how to complete projects, and then, with their feedback, selects the best course of action to achieve the goals of the client. Talisman Group has extensive experience developing new concepts and projects, as well as assisting ongoing gaming operations in their specific needs.

The two principals and associates of the firm have experience in directing projects that require the development of concept and design of gaming and resort spaces that will work efficiently for customers and employees and also maximize revenues. From a worldwide network of resources gathered over 40 years in the gaming and resort industry, the firm engages only the specialists needed for the task at hand on a project by project basis, thereby reducing overhead costs – and therefore fees to clients. Further details and references are available upon request.

Mr. Powell and Mr. Tejeda are creators of EZ Baccarat®, the world’s leading branded baccarat game with over 900 table games in 150+ casinos worldwide. They both continue to be involved in its management.

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